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Use existing login information for Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, or create a new login using your email.



Enter your basic personal information on the Sign Up screen and establish your site password.



Verify your birthday and voting status, using either a Driver’s License Number or Voter Registrant ID Number.


Once the Secretary of State’s office confirms that you’re a registered Arizona voter, you’ll be able to weigh in on pending bills. No one at Arizona Voices sees or retains your personal identifying information. If you aren’t an Arizona voter or prefer to verify your voter status later, you can skip this step.

Tip: To access your profile, simply click your name in the upper right corner of any page and access View Profile. Describe yourself and upload a profile picture.

Rating Bills

Bills are the statutes that have been proposed by lawmakers and are making their way through the Arizona State Legislature. They go through a process of debates and votes, before possibly being signed into law by the Governor.

Simply click the Bills button in the top left corner of any page, or click View All Bills on the homepage to see recent bills up for discussion.


There’s a white card for every bill introduced in the Legislature. In the orange and gray status bar, you can see where each bill is in the process. You can filter bills by Status, by Tag (House Committee), and by Newest or Most Popular. You can also search for a bill by subject or bill # in the Search field.

When you find on a bill that interests you, click its title. You will be taken to that bill’s individual page.


Under Bill Information, you can see things like each Version of the bill and a Summary of the bill.

Do You Support This Bill? If you’ve had your voter status verified, you can rate the latest version of the bill from Strongly Oppose to Strongly Agree. Your legislators will be able to see how voters in your district (in the aggregate) rate the bill. After you rate the bill, you’ll be able to see how others voted.


Scrolling down, you’ll see Stakeholder Reactions. This is where legislators can post YouTube commentary on the bill, either pro or con. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see Discussion. You can read and rate user comments on a scale of one to four stars. You also can post comments of your own.


Finally, you can Share This Bill to your social media channels to invite others to join in the conversation.

Sharing Ideas

The other exciting section of AZVoices.Gov is the Idea Lab, where you can propose solutions to the challenges that face our state. Every policy idea can be seen by lawmakers. The more support you get from participants, the more likely lawmakers are to seriously consider your idea.

Simply click the Ideas button in the top left corner of any page, or scroll down the homepage to the Ideas section for recent submissions.


To begin the exciting process of sharing your idea, simply click the Add Your Idea button from the homepage.


Or click the Add Idea button right on the Idea Lab page. Here you can also filter by Tag, Newest or Most Popular; or search by name or tag in the Search field.


You will be prompted to give your policy idea a title, explain the problem, outline your solution and select the appropriate tags. Once submitted, your idea will be up for discussion by other Arizona voters and it will be visible to lawmakers!

When you click an idea, you will be taken to its individual page. See how the creator lays out the problem and solution, rate the idea on a scale of one to three stars, comment and rate other comments. Finally, you can Share This Idea to your social media channels to invite others to join in the conversation.


Tip: Be a force for positive change by sharing a suggestion to improve or expand upon the idea.